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Welcome to our latest designs showcase page. Here we will feature 3 new designs once per month. Be the first to own the latest Koorey Creation! These pieces come with a full appraisal, artist authenticity statement and in some cases laboratory certifications.

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Item# CCJ-KRY-AQ-1218; Cushion Cut Aquamarine = 14.65cts; 18KYG = 15.0dwt

Lady's Ring

Item#  CCJ-KRY-AQ-1218

Designer:  Grace Koorey

Stones:  Cushion Cut Aquamarine = 14.65cts

Setting:  18KYG = 15.0dwt

Lady's Pendant

Item#  KPY-AQ-2382

Designer:  Grace Koorey

Stone:  Oval Cut Aquamarine = 8.91cts

Setting:  18KYG = 10.7dwt

Item# KPY-AQ-2382; Oval Cut Aquamarine = 8.91cts; 18KYG = 10.7dwt
Item# KRW-BTE-1225; Rectangle Cut Blue Tiger Eye = 14.68cts; 14KWG = 22.8dwt

Men's Ring

Item#  KRW-BTE-1225

Designer:  Damian Koorey

Stone:  Rectangle Cut Blue Tiger Eye = 14.68cts

Setting: 14KWG = 22.8dwt