Masterworks Collection

These artful pieces are best described as specialty creations with a feature that moves beyond the boundaries of the extraordinary, even for us! They represent the finest, one of a kind, workmanship of the Koorey Creation family of artists, and catch the eye of our most discriminating clients. Each creation comes with a full appraisal, artist authenticity statement and in some cases laboratory certifications. Prices in this category usually begin at $10,000.

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Item# CCJ-KPYR-RQ-2363 - "Geo Sunrise" Rutilated Quartz cut by master gemstone cutter Michael Dyber Slide, 18KYG/14KRG = 34 dwt

Custom Pendant


Item# CCJ-KPYR-RQ-2363

Designer: Grace Koorey

Stone: Rutilated Quartz

Setting: 18KYG / 14KRG

Chain: Item# CHY-595-18, Heavy mesh style chain with lobster clasp, 4mm width, 18" long, 14KYG = 36.7 grams

Designer Remarks:

Third generation master goldsmith, Grace Koorey and award winning, master gemstone cutter, Michael Dyber created this one-of-a-kind rutilated quartz pendant. Grace, masterfully set Dyber's "Optic Dish" facetted rutilated quartz in rose and yellow gold.

Gent's Oversized Ring



Designer:  Damian Koorey

Stone:  Blue Topaz = 6.09cts

Setting: 18KYG = 26.5dwt

Designer Remarks:

Premier KC Designer Damian Koorey set this phenomenal trillion checkerboard cut blue topaz in 18k yellow gold. This masterwork gents ring is oversized.

Item# KRY-BT-1219 - "Blue Rhapsody" Trillion Cut Blue Topaz Gent's Ring, Blue Topaz Checkerboard Cut = 6.09 carats, 18KYG = 26.5dwt, Oversized Gent's Ring
Item# CCJ-KPY-SW-2309 - Steve Walters Composite Pendant, Black Drusy Onx, Amethyst, Quartz band, Mother of Pearl Backing, 14KYG = 13.5dwt

Custom Pendant



Designer: Grace Koorey

Stones:  Black Drusy Onyx, Quartz Band, Amethyst, Mother of Pearl (Backing), 

Setting: 14K Yellow Gold, 14K Titanium surrounding assembled stones = 13.5dwt 

Chain: Item# CHY-663-18, Solid link smooth wheat chain, 3.5mm width, 18" length, 14KYG = 26.7 grams

Designer Remarks:

Premier KC Designer Grace Koorey and legendary lapidary artist, Steve Walters, partner to create this stunning pendant masterwork.

Lady's Ring


Item# CCJ-KRY-D-1181

Designer:  Damian Koorey

Stone: Modified Trillion Cut Diamond = 2.06 carats

Setting: 18KYG

Designer Remarks:

This legendary design by Master Goldsmith, Damian Koorey, is a life's work. Damian's masterful skills allowed this masterwork to come to fruition. Channel setting a modified trillion diamond is not for the faint of heart as the faceting of this phenomenal gemstone requires extensive skill and concentration.

Item# CCJ-KRY-D-1181 - "Trillion Perfection" Diamond Lady's Ring, Modified Trillion Cut Diamond = 2.06cts SI-1 K GIA Certified, 18KYG = 8.8dwt
Item# KPY-AM-2301 - Michael Dyber Amethyst Pendant, Dyber's "Optic Dish" cut Amethyst = 30.46cts, 18KYG = 27.8dwt

Custom Pendant


Item# KPY-AM-2301

Designer:  Damian Koorey

Stone:  Michael Dyber's "Optic Dish" cut Amethyst = 30.46 carats

Setting: 18KYG = 27.8dwt

Chain: Item# CHST-540-18, Black Snake Chain with magnetic clasp, 5 mm width, 18" length, Stainless Steel = 33.6 grams

Designer Remarks:

Damian Koorey and Michael Dyber's talents combined to handmake this collector's masterwork Amethyst pendant.

Lady's Ring


Item# KRY-RG-801

Designer:  Koorey Creations

Stone:  Rhodalite Garnet, 16.64cts

Setting: 18KYG

Designer Remarks:

Unique and beautiful classic KC design, coupled with award-winning cutter John Dyer Millennial Cut Garnet. Deep red color in this gorgeous ring!

“Dragon’s Fire” ladies ring - Cushion cut Rhodalite Garnet hand-cut by John Dyer, 16.64cts, set in 18k yellow gold.
CGF-PPY-BO-1742 Opal Intensity Pendant

Custom Pendant


Item# KPYW-BO-TZ-1737

Designer: Douglas Koorey

Stone:  Australian Boulder Opal, 29.8cts; Cushion-cut Tanzanite, 1.86cts

Setting: 18KYG, Rhodium, Platinum

Chain: Item# OM-REV-6YW/W-17, High polish reversible omega chain, 14KYG/14KWG = 29.8 grams

Designer Remarks:

The imaginative design of this Australian Boulder Opal pendant highlights the skill of Senior Master Goldsmith Douglas Koorey. The extraordinary 24.68 boulder opal is a miner's dream come true. It is accented with a rich blue tanzanite and princess-cut diamonds to create a piece fit for the grandest occasion. The setting is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold with Rhodium overlay and Platinum.

Lady's Ring


Item# CCJ-KRYW-TZ-1211

Designer:  Grace Koorey 

Stone:  Trillion cut Tanzanite = 4.63 carats

Setting: 18KYG/14KWG = 9.1dwt

Designer Remarks:

Grace Koorey brings this outstanding Trillion cut Tanzanite to life in this two tone Yellow and White Gold partial suspended channel set ring

Item# CCJ-KRYW-TZ-1211 - Tanzanite Lady's Ring, Trillion cut Tanzanite = 4.63 carats, 18KYG/14KWG = 9.1dwt
“Rainbow Freedom” pendant - Hand-cut Rainbow Drusy, 31.80cts, set in14k yellow gold/Rhodium accent.

Custom Pendant


Item# KPYW-RD-1365

Designer:  Deborah Koorey

Stone:  Rainbow Titanium gem-quality cut Drusy, 31.80cts

Setting: 14KYG

Chain: Item# OM-REV-6YW/W-17, High polish reversible omega chain, 14KYG/14KWG = 29.8 grams

Designer Remarks:

Liked this piece so much it is displayed on the cover of Jewelry: The Secret Time Traveler! Precision beauty executed in smart design. This is a free rainbow of color AND creativity!

Gent's Ring


Item# KRY-AM-1215

Designer:  Damian Koorey 

Stone:  Shield Cut Amethyst = 8.27 carats

Setting: 18KYG = 23.1dwt

Designer Remarks:

This outstanding, oversized gent's ring by Damian Koorey showcases a stunning shield checkerboard Cut Amethyst.

Item# KRY-AM-1215 - Shield Cut Amethyst Oversized Gent's Ring, Amethyst = 8.27cts, 18KYG = 23.1dwt