Koorey Creations Hand-fabricated Designs

About Koorey Creations

Koorey Creations was established in Michigan in 1983 and in Saugatuck in 1996. Deborah Koorey, goldsmith/owner is carrying on the goldsmithing/retailing tradition with her daughter Grace and son Christopher to the third generation. Creative contributions and custom support services are made by not only the long-time jewelry masters in the Koorey family, but also by other artisans and jewelry manufacturers that meet the highest standards of quality craftsmanship and creativity.

Koorey Creations opened its second location in Arizona 16 years ago. We spent 14 years years in the quaint artists’ colony of Tubac before moving to the big city of Tucson.

In 2008, Koorey Creations launched its multi-media art program featuring a small group of nationally and internationally known painters, glass artist and sculptures. Some of those artists have created “custom collections” just for Koorey Creations.

As always, our standards of excellence apply to each creation presented at Koorey Creations, whether it be a jewelry heirloom or the next potential Picasso!

“Our intention is to provide a joyful, creative experience, in not only the product we supply, but the memories we share,” according to Deborah Koorey. “In general, folks visit Saugatuck and Tubac, to experience the inspiration, respite and beauty these locations provide. Our challenge is to heighten that experience with our craft.”

An invitation from Koorey Creations

We invite you to visit our locations, please call ahead for custom services and gold trade-in appointments to insure the appropriately-skilled Koorey specialist is available to serve you. Or, email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you,

Deborah Koorey, Family and Staff

The Koorey Family

Grace Koorey: When a customer walks in to our gallery we try to give them a gallery atmosphere. We want them to enjoy and savor the beauty. We try to present our craft without high pressure sales techniques and hopefully with a little pride and joy! However, we do want your business and will work hard to help you select something special if you so desire.

Deborah Koorey: When you live in an art/tourist community there is so much going on! On our events page we have mixed our store events with just a few of the local events we find special. We’ve given you the necessary links on this page to make it easy for you to get more information and perhaps book lodging if needed. As Elvis would say, “We can’t get enough of your love!” So we hope this is a great convenience to encourage more visits! See our Events & Hours page.

Deborah Koorey, Owner: “Some folks describe our pieces as European Styling. I just like to call them classically elegant with a creative twist. I’m proud of the fact that, for the most part, our heirloom quality pieces can be worn daily or for any fine occasion. They are stylish and uniquely crafted, and in many cases, simply one of a kind.

Grace Koorey, Third Generation Goldsmith: “Goldsmithing is a love of mine. I enjoy spending time with our customers to upgrade, create and engineer new ideas. I am so glad we have at our disposal craftsmen who are highly skilled in all aspects of making jewelry. We excel in design and repair. As the third generation of Koorey goldsmiths I aspire to join the ranks of artisans recognized as masters in the jewelry field, continuing our legacy of offering the best of the best to our customers. There is always something new to learn!

Grace Koorey: “Since I was a little girl, I have been around gemstones. Sometimes I take for granted these extraordinary treasures. I have been exposed to them on a daily basis. I think it is just the norm! Recently, I was researching a stone cutter for a customer. I found multiple articles in various international books that spoke about not only this cutter, but a host of others who have changed the stone cutting industry for good. As I reviewed the list I realized I personally know almost every one of these cutters! Some I had met as a small child. A child, who was graciously permitted to freely hold these dazzling gems. Now, as a young woman, I understand that I am privileged to work with these marvelous gems.”

Deborah Koorey: This is an exciting upgrade to our previous layaway plan! When you choose to put an item on layaway at Koorey Creations, it qualifies you for an added reduction on your layaway if you send a friend in and they purchase something. Over the years folks naturally do this and now we have found a way to say thank you! Read more here…